Michigan's Home Star® Certified Home Energy Audits Understanding our Whole-House approach First, we address any comfort and any health issues you may have. We search your home for safety issues, and seek ways to increase your home value and energy efficiency.
A Comprehensive Approach To Home Improvement Click anywhere on the page to CLOSE the video Brought to you by the U.S. EPA & U.S. DOE (6:58)
We begin by thoroughly exploring your needs and wishes, as well as your house's structure and systems. We will do this over the phone with you and in person at your house. We will use a variety of tools that measure the draftiness, insulation, electricity, fossil fuel use, and other factors that influence the performance of the house.

Using a whole-house approach, we determine which repairs, upgrades, and replacements produce the best combination of comfort, air quality, and energy efficiency. We rely on our extensive hands-on experience throughout the state, and specific home performance training.

Benefits of a Home Energy Audit
  • Maximizes your spending Dollar
  • Improves Air Quality of Your Home
  • Helps Reduce Environmental Impact
  • Helps Identify Energy Losses in the Home
  • Qualify for Tax Credit if improvements are made
Customized Energy Reports We will present you with a report that describes your home in its existing state, and a retrofit plan listing the recommended improvements and their associated costs. The plan is prioritized to address health and safety first, and then whatever is necessary for your comfort; every item will improve your efficiency. Many of these recommendations can be done by our company.

Every home is unique, and specific improvement options are different for each client. Because our service follows a performance-based approach, BPS is not wedded to a particular technology, and can offer retrofit solutions that span the range of available products and techniques. Our process allows you to choose the optimal plan, based on your wants, schedule, and budget. We provide information about applicable government and utility incentives and financing.

With our integrated approach, there is a smooth transition between the analysis and retrofit work. BPS will accomplish the specific requirements in your plan on time and on budget. Typical retrofit work includes air sealing of the building envelope, sealing and recommended upgrades of air handling and electrical equipment, and—where appropriate—targeted insulation and window improvements. Less commonly, upgrades include replacement of major mechanical systems (such as furnaces and hot water heaters) or windows and doors.

BPS provides the following services*:
  • Home energy analyses
  • Blower door testing
  • Infrared thermography
  • Combustion safety testing
  • Crawlspace and basement air sealing and insulation
  • Attic air sealing and insulation
  • Wall air sealing and insulation
  • Duct repair, replacement, relocation, air sealing, and insulation
  • High-efficiency furnace and heat pump installation
  • Air filtration system installation
  • High-efficiency tank and tankless water heater installation
  • Heat recovery ventilator (HRV) and energy recovery ventilator (ERV) installation
  • Window and door upgrades
  • Energy modeling
  • Home performance consulting
* Some services such as Furnace Replacement we refer to our trusted partners.

Who Should Have An Energy Audit? The Comprehensive Home Energy Audit is most appropriate for:
Home Builders explain the importance of Energy Audits to verify the quality of construction, especially with new homes. Click anywhere on the page to CLOSE the video Brought to you by HGTV Pro® (3:28)
  • People who want to reduce their energy consumption: High Energy Bills is the primary motivation for many customers. The Energy Audit educates you on both mechanical and behavioral measures that can save you money. Homeowners who follow the advice can typically save up to 40% on their energy bills.
  • People who want to improve the comfort of their home: The Audit provides solutions for seasonal room discomfort, uneven room heating/cooling, drafts, air quality concerns, humidity issues, mold/mildew concerns, and musty odors.
  • People concerned about Appliance Safety and Efficiency: If you are trying to figure out whether your major appliances are working safely and efficiently, or which appliances are near the end of their useful lives, this highly technical energy audit provides a unique and insightful view towards helping you make the right replacement decisions. We'll help you understand whether changing an appliance today is really worth the money.
  • People concerned about Air Exchange Rates for a Healthy Interior: If you are looking for a precise measurement of air exchange. Too much air exchange means much of your air conditioned or heated air is escaping to the outdoors. To little air exchange leads to a buildup of gases that could make you feel sick. The Home Energy Audit ensures your air exchange is just right, and you should have your Air Exchange Rates checked after any work on your home that impacts air flow.
  • Remodelers: If you are thinking about remodeling your home and want to take advantage of the opportunity to make energy efficient alterations, this whole home evaluation is technical and education and will help you figure out which solutions are most worth incremental investment.
Insulation Experts Visit our Insulation website for more in depth information Without proper air sealing, a building can lose a great deal of its efficiency through air leakage. It's one of the primary causes of hot and cold spots that can cause discomfort for owners. But as with any building product, insulation is only as effective as its installation and where it's applied. Spray foam is only installed by qualified contractors. That's why builders are choosing Spray foam to insulate their homes.

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